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SLR Restaurant

Luxurious Dining Experience at Kolli Hills


Paari is the multi cuisine restaurant at Silver Line Retreat Hotel in Kolli Hills and is a jewel at the hotel. It is the ideal venue to bring guests when locals and tourist dine out to celebrate any occasion.

Paari derives its name from our Kadai Ezhu Vallal Paari, the king who ruled of Parambu Nadu (mountain regions) well known for his patronizing art and literature, his generosity is highlighted on Sangam literature, for giving away his golden chariot to a climber plant when he saw that it was struggling to grow without a suitable support. As an association, the theme of the restaurant consists of artworks painted or applied on a wall and ceiling with distinguishing characters harmoniously integrated to the ambience by local mural artists. It is the same sense of joy and excellence in cooking on the food we serve as an art that the name implies for the restaurant at Silver Line Retreat Hotel in Kolli Hills.

We have something for everyone, giving our customers a variety of meal options to choose from, for a delicious and delectable experience. We are serving dishes prepared with traditional recipes with exceptional taste and best quality ingredients. We have the joy and pride of preparing most of our masala using mom’s home-made recipes and using most of the ingredients same as at our own homes such as groundnut oil, bringing natural colour in cooking which make all of us feel at home.

“Our customers are our strength, and we strive to make them feel at ease while they are with us.”

Our mission is to provide high-quality food without compromising on taste, increase operational efficiency through periodic Quality Management System monitoring, introduce new products in response to changing customer preferences, and maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in the preparation, preservation, and serving of food.

Prepare yourself for a sumptuous treat of flavour-filled dishes at our Paari Restaurant and enjoy the dining experience with your friends and family and be the perfect host by serving lip smacking dishes. Let us make your special occasion even better and complete them with our exceptional service.

Restaurant Timing:

08:00 AM – 03:00 PM
05:00 PM – 10:00 PM
*Serving Ala carte/Buffet menu subject to availability

Our goal is achieved with our dedicated and perseverance filled team of work force.

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